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Question :

I have copied raw database from old PC, because it already can’t do normal backup action. How can I do restore or attach the database to new computer? Now my PC is not yet installed with Microsoft Management Studio


Solution :

If you are yet to install Microsoft Management Studio, try to use AutoCount Accounting or POS Backend attach. Make sure your files access right is everyone with full control.

1.If not please Right click your .mdf & .ldf files > Properties

2.Go to Security tab > Advanced > Change > enter Everyone > Check Names > OK

3.Click on Add

4.Click on Select a Principal > enter Everyone > Check Names > OK

5.Tick Full control > OK > OK

6.Login Accounting or POS Backend > File > Manage Account Book

7.Click on Attach Account Book > Attach Database File

8.Fill in ‘.\A2006’ on Server Name: column > click Browse under Physical DataFile > Find your correct .mdf file > Open > OK

9. Fill in ‘.\A2006’ on Server Name: column > click Get Available Databases > select your new DB > OK > OK

By: CK 20210923, Jacky 20211022, P211025 [000258]

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