Report Design: Can I copy bulk of report design from other account book?

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Question: I have more than 1 report to copy from other account book. Instead of copying 1 by 1, is there any bulk copy function?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


Yes. For example I would like to copy 2 reports from the account book ABC SDN BHD into YTD SDN BHD.


1. Login account book for ABC Sdn Bhd.

2. Go to Tools > Report Design Center.

3. Click + to expand report categories. For example, Sales > Invoice > Invoice Document, click on the report that you want to copy, and it will be highlighted, press Ctrl on your keyboard and hold the Ctrl button, then click on another report that you wish to copy, this report will be highlighted too, then you may click on Save Files.

In case you have 4 reports to copy, click and hold Ctrl button and click the 2nd, 3rd and 4th report, make sure 4 reports are highlighted, then proceed to Save Files.

4. Browse the folder to save your report format. For example, folder name is Report Format. If you don’t have any folder, you may click on Make New Folder to create a folder.

5. System will notify you once you done save report format.

6. Close the Report Design Center screen.


Login another account book YTD SDN BHD.

1. Go to Tools > Report Design Center.

2. Click on Load Files and browse folder: Report Format and click OK.

3. System will notify once report uploaded successfully.

4. Go back to the Sales Invoice category, you will notice reports are copied.


If you wish to copy ALL the user reports from other account book, you may refer to the below link and choose “Copy User Reports and Grid Layout”.

General Maintenance: Copy users and access rights setting from other account books

By: Aimi 230707, Lay Swan 230712, P230721

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