Report Design: How to display negative amount in brackets format

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Question: I would like to view the negative amount in brackets format instead of negative for my report, where can I change the format?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

-ve bracket.png


1. Take Invoice as example, go to <Reports > Design Document Style Report.

-ve bracket1.png

2. Select which report that you wish to edit and click on it then click on Design.

-ve bracket2.png

3. Navigate to the details column and choose which field you want to edit. There will be a small arrow pointing, click on it to expand.

-ve bracket3.png

4. A small box will prompt out. Click on the tripe dots icon on the right side of Format String.

-ve bracket4.png

5. Under Category, click on Number. Click on Custom tab and input the format string into this column of Custom. Click on OK to save the setting.


-ve bracket5.png

6. Click on File and click on Save As to save your report.

Note: You may click on Save button to save your existing user report.

-ve bracket6.png

7. Rename the report and click on Save.

-ve bracket7.png

You may preview your report now; the negative amount has been presented in bracket format.

-ve bracket8.png

By: Jacky 180205, KM 180206, P180207

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