Report Design: How to display negative amount in brackets format

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Question: I would like to view the negative amount in brackets format instead of negative for my report, where can I change the format?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


1. Take Invoice as example, go to <Reports > Design Document Style Report.

2. Select which report that you wish to edit and click on it then click on Design.

3. Navigate to the details column and choose which field you want to edit. There will be a small arrow pointing, click on it to expand.

4. A small box will prompt out. Click on the tripe dots icon on the right side of Format String.

5. Under Category, click on Number. Click on Custom tab and input the format string into this column of Custom. Click on OK to save the setting.


6. Click on File and click on Save As to save your report.

Note: You may click on Save button to save your existing user report.

7. Rename the report and click on Save.

You may preview your report now; the negative amount has been presented in bracket format.

By: Jacky 180205, KM 180206, P180207

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