Troubleshooting: Export Data error – ‘ ’, hexadecimal value 0x02, is an invalid character

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Question: When I try to export all data, it prompted an error “ ‘ ‘. hexadecimal value 0x02, is an invalid character”. Why?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

System detected there are special characters used in the database.


1) You need to find out the error comes from which table. Normally, it is from Creditor, Debtor or Stock Item. You may try to filter and export only one of it to know which table is causing the error.

2) Having found the table, open SQL Management Studio, and execute the following query for respective table.

Debtor: select * from debtor for xml raw
Stock: select * from itemuom for xml raw
Stock UOM: select * from item for xml raw

After executed, from the result shown, click on the xml link.

3) On your keyboard press on CTRL + F, and key in &# and click Find Next.

From the displayed result, there is special character at phone 1.

4) Move the taskbar to the left most to see Debtor account code.

Other than the above-mentioned method, to find out the debtor, you may also export debtors by range, use the filter by range, and export batch by batch, to filter and find out which debtor account causing the error. But this method may take longer time if the list of debtors is long.

5) After knowing the debtor account code, login AutoCount Accounting. Go to Debtor > Debtor Maintenance, find and edit on that debtor, and look at Phone 1. There is a spacing before the phone number, it is considered a special character.

6) When try to remove the spacing or special character and save, should the system prompt this message:

7) Then, refer to the following link on how to solve the illegal xml character error:

Accounting 2.0 - Prompted Message: Edit Debtor Error - Unknown SQL Exception (Number=9420, Message=XML parsing: line 1, character 209, illegal xml character)

8) Now you should be able to export all data.

By: Aimi 230216, Lay Swan 230220, P230222

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