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Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Differences between No. Of Children Qualified for Tax Relief and for Tax Deduction -(Mei/KM/P)
  2. How to edit PCB amount in payroll transaction -(LS/KM/P)
  3. How to print employee listing -(HY/KM/P)
  4. How to show allowance at column F in EA Form -(Jul/KM/P)
  5. How to key in employee previous employment details into payroll -(HY/KM/P)
  6. What does it mean by True & false in Payroll login screen -(HY/KM/P)
  7. How to lock a month after processing payroll -(HY/KM/P)
  8. How to key in Director Fee in payroll -(HY/KM/P)
  9. How to change the contact detail of Person in charge stated in EA form -(Azi/KM/P)
  10. How to configure HRDF in payroll -(LS/KM/P)
  11. Administrator vs Payroll Executive vs Data Entry Clerk -(LS/KM/P)
  12. How to Save a payslip to PDF in payroll -(HY/KM/P)
  13. Year To Date Entry vs Past Employment Entry -(HY/KM/P)
  14. Where to key in Benefit in Kind and Value of Living Accommodation -(Jul/KM/P)
  15. How to export SOCSO Borang 8A from Payroll system -(HY/KM/P)
  16. How to view the PCB calculation -(HY/LS/P)
  17. Where to maintain PCB and CP38 receipt number -(Ais/LS/P)
  18. Where to print EIS listing report -(Ais/LS/P)
  19. How to attach existing payroll database -(SW/LS/P)
  20. Can I change the admin password for AutoCount Payroll System -(Che/LS/P)
  21. Where to check how many users are currently login Payroll system -(Ais/LS/P)
  22. What is the meaning of Maximum Amount for Tax Exempted Rule -(Ais/LS/P)
  23. Where to print Bonus Summary -(LS/P)
  24. How to do period lock for Payroll -(LS/P)
  25. How to fill in LHDNM Branch on Income Tax EA -(Azi/LS/P)
  26. How to delete Bonus Processor -(Azi/LS/P)

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