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Sync Issue

  1. Sync Failed to Setup Remoting -(KS/KM/P)
  2. Sync error - Specified argument was out of the range of valid values -(KS/KM/P)
  3. Sync Error - Cannot set column ‘ItemGroup’. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column -(KS/KM/P)
  4. Sync error - Internal Query Processor Error -(KS/CY/KM/P)
  5. Sync Error - Avast Antivirus program blocked sync process -(KS/CY/KM/P)

Promotion/Price Plan

  1. Unit Price not follow Member Price Plan -(Mei/KM/P)

Pos Error

  1. Pos installation error - The specified service already exists -(Jes/KM/P)
  2. Pos Posting error - The value of column DEAccNo in table G/L does not exist in its master file -(KS/KM/P)


  1. Pos couldn't print Xtra Report -(Azi/KM/P)
  2. Unable to key in decimal places for bonus point payment -(HY/KM/P)

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