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Data Entry

  1. Why is the printer straight away printing when scanned an item?
  2. GIT unable to click confirm button
  3. Return Stock Cost issue
  4. Could not return item serial number if return more than 1 quantity


  1. Why is my (Find Sales Order) button not appeared at POS?
  2. Sales Order not working?
  3. System shows invalid backend user id & password when accept GIT stock transfer at FE?
  4. After upgraded to POS 5 or FNB from POS 3, what do I need to do after changed options setting?
  5. I have customized receipt for POS5 but print out still default format
  6. System always prompts to choose Sales Order or Cash Sale
  7. Can’t tick any hold bill?
  8. I have changed bonus point calculation option to (Calculate bonus points based on item's quantity) but the item still not earning any point?
  9. The font size of front end net total at top right corner suddenly become small?

Report Design

  1. There is no parameter field shown when designing hold bill receipt format report?

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