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Data Entry

  1. How to split transaction bill?
  2. How to change service type to “Take Away” while ordering item in Table “Dine In” layout?
  3. How to combine bill?
  4. How to set FOC Item in FNB?

Service Charge

  1. How to set No Service Charge Item?
  2. How to set Non Discount Item?
  3. How to set modifier item with surcharge?
  4. How to enable service charge
  5. How to set VIP tables with higher rate of service charge


  1. How to set print 2 copies of kitchen receipt?
  2. How to delete Report Name (Kitchen) record in Kitchen Printer Maintenance?
  3. How to set default table layout after make payment or login?
  4. How to hide unused function button on table floor screen?
  5. How to turn off Auto print Order Slip when confirm order?
  6. How to enable tip collection on payment?
  7. How to change table service type status permanently?
  8. How to set item ingredient?
  9. How to set stock item as Out of Stock?
  10. How to enable Order No./Queue No.
  11. How to create Discount button?
  12. How to set screen ratio of ordering?
  13. How to set up kitchen printer for FNB system?
  14. How to set different kitchen report formats to each kitchen printer?
  15. How to change alternative Menu manually?
  16. How if I want to use table layout to take order without pax number?
  17. How to show table with timer?

Fast Selection Menu

  1. How to create set meal in F&B system and display them in menu?
  2. How to duplicate Fast Selection Menu?
  3. How to add image on menu button?
  4. How to change item menu button size?
  5. How to change menu button color?
  6. How to change menu button sequence arrangement?


  1. How to add order item by searching item code in ewaiter?
  2. How to establish E Waiter Ordering App Connection?

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