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  1. Service type status does not follow table design setting
  2. Kitchen printer cant print out kitchen slip
  3. Why is FNB POS not auto-tick print order slip?
  4. Why is the receipt printer printing a slip of order number before the receipt?
  5. Item did not show service type
  6. UDF does not appear in F&B

Fast Selection Menu

  1. Fast Selection Menu not shown at FnB FrontEnd after sync
  2. Why is the item button not showing image and description?
  3. Save Set Meal without Dessert Category


  1. Manual sync error message (Both POS and FnB database are same, does not allow start window services twice)?


  1. E waiter app unable to login for first time setup
  2. Order slip cant print out while using E waiter make order
  3. Reset Order Session issue
  4. I have 2 table section layouts, but when login to FnB it will always show 2nd table section instead of 1st table section?
  5. Android Price Checker error during launch
  6. When login to EWaiter, login fails with network error

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