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Common FAQ

  1. How to Change an User ID in AOTG -(CK/KM/P)
  2. How to set AOTG Dashboard -(CK/KM/P)
  3. How to Setup Mobile Printer for AOTG -(CK/KM/P)
  4. How does AOTG Monitor work -(CK/KM/P)
  5. What is Debt to Asset Ratio in AOTG -(CK/KM/P)
  6. Difference between AOTG Net Profit Margin & Gross Profit Margin ratio -(CK/KM/P)
  7. What is Sales Ratio in AOTG? -(CK/LS/P)
  8. How to add user authority account books -(Ash/LS/P)
  9. How to enable AOTG Barcode input function -(CK/LS/P)
  10. How to Add Branches & Tax Exemption for Debtor or Creditor in AOTG -(CK/LS/P)
  11. How can I hide a report format from certain Users in AOTG -(CK/LS/P)
  12. How to set default report in AOTG -(CK/LS/P)
  13. How can I get Auto Free Trial for AOTG -(CK/LS/P)
  14. How to create External User ID for AOTG -(CK/P)
  15. How to limit External User access rights on AOTG -(CK/P)
  16. How to trace External User total count on AOTG -(CK/P)
  17. How to track AOTG user’s activity -(CK/P)
  18. How to Limit Selectable Stock Items for AOTG External User -(CK/P)
  19. Can I create new document numbering format using AOTG? -(FT/LS/P)
  20. Can I set default document numbering format for AOTG? -(Ell/LS/P)
  21. Can I change tax inclusive or tax exclusive for AOTG sales document? -(Ell/LS/P)
  22. Can I customize layout or lock column for Sale Invoices in AOTG? -(Ell/LS/P)
  23. How to edit Further Description -(Chr/LS/P)
  24. AOTG Dashboard - Total Sales of Last year is different compared to AutoCount Accounting -(Chr/LS/P)

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