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Common Error

  1. AOTG error - An Error Has Occurred -(CK/KM/P)
  2. Login Message – You don’t have permission to access any account book yet. Please contact your administrator for assistance -(CK/KM/P)
  3. AOTG did not follow AutoCount’s Auto Price -(CK/LS/P)
  4. Failed to filter certain sales agent name on AOTG -(CK/LS/P)
  5. Fail to Save Invoice at AOTG – Backorder exception for item(s) : BOM0 -(CK/LS/P)
  6. Unable to delete Sales Invoice at AOTG -(CK/LS/P)
  7. AOTG can’t Create Transaction -Transaction date xx/xx/xxxx is not in the maintained fiscal year range… -(CK/LS/P)
  8. AOTG - Last Month records not found -(CK/LS/P)
  9. AOTG - Login AOTG took long time to load -(Mic/LS/P)
  10. AOTG dashboard is blank -(Mic/LS/P)
  11. AOTG Activation failed with exception code -2146233087 -(Ell/LS/P)
  12. AOTG Console did not show Account Book Name -(Chr/LS/P)
  13. Sales Order created by AOTG External user unable to transfer -(Chr/LS/P)
  14. Set deny report template for AOTG External User error-The custom error module does not recognize this error -(Chr/LS/P)

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