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Most Popular FAQs

This listing will highlight the most popular FAQs and will be updated from time to time !

  1. There is no “Allow less secure apps” in google account when want to use Gmail to send batch mail in AutoCount
  2. Valid document date is between 01/01/2017 and 31/12/2018.
  3. Backup error - File is not a valid archive. I/O error occur?
  4. The server was not found or was not accessible.
  5. How to change GST column caption to Tax.
  6. Restore Error - SQL Server cannot process this media family.
  7. Your database version is later than supported database.
  8. Sorry you have exceeded 500 transaction limit?
  9. You are not allowed to edit documents from other source.
  10. Balance Sheet amount not tally with Creditor Aging Amount.
  11. How to setup Auto Backup?
  12. Show Instant Info- Price History is empty.
  13. Stock Balance quantity not tally with total balance quantity at Stock Item Maintenance.
  14. How to remove Unit Price and Total when it is ‘0.00’ in Invoice.
  15. Hamachi can’t be turned on.
  16. How to create new account book from a client pc.
  17. Decimal setting for qty & unit price in purchase invoice.
  18. Login error – In order to use Remote USB Key, you must install AutoCount Backup server at Database Server Pc.
  19. Login Message - "Fail to check database exist in Scheduled Backup"...There was no endpoint listening at...
  20. ARCN didn’t specify project no., but project no. appears in ledger report?
  21. How to do adjustment when negative value exists in column 5 (b) or column 6 (b).
  22. Login Error - 1 stock only network user already login to AutoCount Accounting but your current license only allows 0 stock only network user.
  23. Save Invoice error - 'Invalid account no'.
  24. Unable to select deposit account in New A/R Deposit.
  25. Stock Value Maintenance – Do not Translate.
  26. Report Design - Rich Text did not show properly.
  27. Why I couldn't delete Item Code?
  28. How to account for GST at 0% and declare the output tax in final GST-03 for goods held in hand (Fixed Asset & Stock) before effective date of SST?
  29. Debtor Statement - Send batch mail.
  30. Can't Save ARAP Contra?
  31. What should I do if my company name is changed.

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