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Subscription Portal

  1. Why and how can I remove company not created by me -(Ais/Azi/P)

Dashboard / Employee Self Service / My Calendar

  1. I had set one user as payroll user, but why that user still cannot preview the payroll function on user dashboard? -(CO/Azi/P)
  2. Why payroll user cannot see the functional menu? -(CO/Azi/P)
  3. Employee User login ESS show no profile and has limited function -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. Payroll process is committed. Why is my ESS portal cannot preview payslip after committed? -(CO/Azi/P)


  1. Employee : Why I can’t find the field to key in director fee at Employee Maintenance? -(CO/Azi/P)
  2. Why can’t I edit employee's resignation date? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. Why is EPF / SOSCO / EIS not being added onto total deduction? -(WK/Azi/P)
  4. Unable to run payroll process for a new Year -(Azi/P)
  5. Missing employees in Employee list -(Ais/Azi/P)
  6. Electronic Payment - No data to display at Bank Payment Files -(CO/Azi/P)
  7. Department selection list not match with department in Department Maintenance -(Ais/Azi/P)
  8. Unable to edit Overtime Rate -(Ais/Azi/P)
  9. Payroll User can access to few employees only -(Ais/LS/P)
  10. Overtime Rate show zero -(Ais/LS/P)
  11. Overtime amount is not updated after keyed in -(CO/Azi/P)
  12. Why I cannot key in overtime details? -(CO/Azi/P)
  13. Why when generate government file for EPF, it shows two files? -(Azi/P)
  14. Why is employee self service / mobile app no showing payslip? -(CO/Azi/P)
  15. When generate employee payment file, it prompts: File is Empty? -(Azi/P)
  16. Netpay (NP) shown in summary listing is not the same as in details? -(Azi/P)


  1. Preview Payslip after committed but nothing appears -(Ais/LS/P)
  2. Preview report error – Empty Report -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. Why I cannot generate EA form? – Empty Report -(CO/Azi/P)
  4. Preview report error – nothing prompt/appear -(Ais/Azi/P)
  5. Why when I preview past month payroll summary report not tally with process payroll? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  6. Why preview past month EPF Form A system show No Data? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  7. Why is CP8D text file showing incorrect number of employees? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  8. Why is HRDF report showing total employee much more than my actual total number of employee? -(Ais/Azi/P)

Leave / e-Leave

  1. Leave Credit created but not update into leave balance report -(Aim/LS/P)
  2. Employee User not able to apply Leave and Claim -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. Error “This leave does not have any approver” when employee apply E-Leave -(Ais/LS/P)
  4. Employee not able to choose date from calendar when want to apply leave through E-Leave -(Ash/LS/P)
  5. Apply leave Error - Payroll Process is created -(Ais/LS/P)
  6. Unable to save Leave Adjustment – Selected dates are not match with Adjust days! -(Ais/LS/P)
  7. Leave Entry – Why I cannot choose employee when key in leave entry? -(CO/Azi/P)
  8. What is the difference between Append Leave (Leave Entry) and leave credit? -(CO/Azi/P)
  9. I have imported Leave Carry Forward (C/F) but it still shows zero -(Azi/P)
  10. There is an error message “this lookup calculate...not a function’’ in leave transaction -(CO/Azi/P)
  11. Import past leave transaction for Medical Leave (MC) type is allowed, but not for Annual Leave (AL) type? -(Azi/P)

Claim / e-Claim

  1. Why the payroll type for employee’s claim is Month End instead of Claims? -(Azi/P)
  2. Missing amount column in Claim Request -(LS/P)
  3. Approver couldn’t see claim details; Permission Denied -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. I am using approval by hierarchy but my claim submission is automatically approved, it does not go to my supervisor for approval. why? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  5. I have keyed in the Claim in Adhoc, but there is no employee eligible for Claim processor -(Azi/P)

Time Attendace

  1. I have 4 employees on the list of import time attendance Excel but after imported only 2 employees were captured. -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. I have imported 3 employees in Time Attendance excel import and process the payroll. But why the screen is showing 2/3 processsed? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. Why the system shows No data to display when I try to Pull Time Attendance Records in Time Attendance Import? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. Why "attendance" in mobile apps is in grey/dimmed color? -(CO/Azi/P)
  5. Prompted message "The Overtime Request does not have any approver" when try to request OT using phone apps? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  6. Why system shows message "You have passed acceptable time to request Overtime" when requesting for Overtime? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  7. Why is my time attendance setting is in grey/dimmed color? -(CO/Azi/P)


  1. How to record if employee pay cash for the loan settlement -(LS/P)



  1. Employee : New payroll user invited, but Employee Maintenance shows No Data Available -(CO/Azi/P)
  2. I edit approval setting add another email to approve leave (multiapproval) and check, but when I check again the newly added email is missing. Why? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. Why is the leave cutoff empty in Leave Closing option? -(WK/Azi/P)


  1. I want to delete one of the user from my company, but it shows error : This user is an approver in company. Please change your approval setting before removing the user. -(Azi/P)


  1. Allowance formula not captured correctly -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. How to set OT calculation rate formula for basic rate max cap at certain amount? -(CO/Azi/P)

API Maintenance

  1. Payroll Migration : When browsing local database get error "I/O error during "CreateFile (open)" -(LS/P)
  2. Payroll Migration : not able to select company after applied API key and login -(Azi/P)


  1. When I open Autocount Cloud Payroll, browser shows error "Your connection is not private" -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. When I click on LHDN Calculator, it shows main page of LHDN Calculator but not directly the calculator details. Why? -(Azi/P)

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