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Subscription Portal

  1. What is Self Care Payment Method -(JS/LS/P)
  2. How to delete a Company file in AutoCount Cloud Payroll ? -(CO/Azi/P)
  3. Where to get the invoice when login -(Azi/P)
  4. Why is my company appeared in Subscription listing, but not in Company listing? -(Azi/P)
  5. How to change subscription package? -(CO/Azi/P)
  6. How to change subscription name? -(CO/Azi/P)
  7. How to delete subscription? -(CO/Azi/P)
  8. How to pay invoice at subscription portal? -(CO/Azi/P)
  9. Where to maintain Payer Info during make payment? -(CO/Azi/P)
  10. How to pay invoice by select prefer payment type? -(CO/Azi/P)
  11. How to make payment by select corporate bank account? -(CO/Azi/P)
  12. How to create subscription in new subscription portal? -(CO/Azi/P)
  13. How to create company in new subscription portal? -(CO/Azi/P)
  14. Where to add billing party at AC Payroll webpage? -(CO/Azi/P)
  15. Where can I add billing party at subscription portal? -(CO/Azi/P)
  16. How to set up auto payment in Auto Count Portal? -(CO/Azi/P)
  17. How to Purchase a New Plan / Create New Subscription? -(Win/Azi/P)
  18. How Existing User from Monthly (Post-paid) Package Change to Pre-paid Plan? -(Win/Azi/P)
  19. How New Billing Affect Existing Yearly Package User? -(Win/Azi/P)
  20. How Existing Yearly Package User Make Payment If Subscription Expired? -(Win/Azi/P)
  21. Can I Purchase the New Plan Within Free Trial Period? -(Win/Azi/P)
  22. Can I Change Billing Day? -(Win/Azi/P)
  23. Can I amend (upgrade or downgrade) the payroll, e-Leave & e-Claim, e-Attendance headcounts? -(Win/Azi/P)
  24. How to generate a proforma invoice -(WK/Azi/P)
  25. How to void proforma invoice -(WK/Azi/P)
  26. How to move subscription to another email address (subscriber)? -(Azi/P)
  27. How to move a company to another subscription? -(Azi/P)
  28. How to generate a proforma invoice (for renewal Subscription)? -(WK/Azi/P)

Dashboard / Employee Self Service / My Calendar

  1. Can I set reminder/ to do list in my calendar? -(CO/Azi/P)
  2. Preview other employees on leave at My Calendar -(CO/Azi/P)
  3. How to send announcement to employee? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. How to set To-Do List at Dashboard? -(CO/Azi/P)
  5. How to let employee download EA form by their own? -(CO/Azi/P)
  6. Profile : How to change profile user name? -(CO/Azi/P)


  1. How to set all employees contribute to HRDF? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. What is the purpose of Employment History in Employee Maintenance? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. Where to download LHDN Audit Files? -(CO/Azi/P)
  4. Where to key in past employment entry -(Ais/Az/P)
  5. Where to upload employee photo - (Ais/Az/P)
  6. How to edit EPF, SOCSO, EIS & Tax Amount -(Azi/P)
  7. Can the company pay salary to multiple bank accounts of an employee? -(Azi/P)
  8. What is the function of reset button? -(CO/Azi/P)
  9. What is the function of Save & Recalculate All? -(CO/Azi/P)
  10. How to create payroll process? -(CO/Azi/P)
  11. What is the difference between Previous Employment Entry and Year To Date Payroll Transaction? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  12. How to change period in Adhoc Payroll Items? -(CO/Azi/P)
  13. How to invite employee and how can an employee access cloud payroll? -(Azi/P)
  14. My employee has high salary, why Process Payroll shows zero PCB amount? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  15. Where to key in PCB & CP38 receipt details? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  16. I have few payroll processors this month, how to generate bank payment file separately, for example payroll and bonus? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  17. How to change EPF rate for employee? -(CO/Azi/P)
  18. Where to put individual remark for employee in payroll process? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  19. How to set number of tax deductible child and deductible child relief point? -(CO/Azi/P)
  20. How to set employee resign date? -(Azi/P)
  21. How does the system calculate prorate salary for those employees who join in middle of the month? -(CO/P)
  22. Where to click reset button in payroll process 2.0? -(CO/Azi/P)
  23. Where to download the SOCSO + EIS text file in AC Cloud Payroll? -(CO/Azi/P)
  24. How to set monthly recurring allowances? -(WK/Azi/P)
  25. How to set default overtime formula for an employee? -(Ko/Azi/P)
  26. How to set payment of salary twice a month? -(Ko/Azi/P)
  27. How to add the statutory info for the employee - (Ko/Azi/P)
  28. How to send payslip via AC Payroll App / Email - (WK/Azi/P)
  29. Where to assign Calendar for employees/yourself? - (Art/Azi/P)
  30. How to set Working Permit Expiry/Contract Expiry for non-permanent Workers? - (Art/Azi/P)
  31. How to set if an employee is contributing to HRDF ? - (Ko/Azi/P)
  32. How to set EPF SOCSO EIS Borne by employer - (WK/Azi/P)
  33. How to add attachment for employee? - (Kon/Azi/P)

Benefits in Kind

  1. What is Benefit in Kind (BIK)?
  2. How to determine the Value of BIK?
  3. Example provided – for Motorcar
  4. Additional Info for Prescribed Value Method
  5. What is the Tax Exemption on BIK Received by an Employee?
  7. APPENDIX 2 - (a) The Prescribed Value of Motorcar and Its Related Benefits
  8. APPENDIX 2 - (b) Prescribed Value of Household Furnishing, Apparatus and Appliances
  9. APPENDIX 2 - (c) Prescribed Value of Other Benefits
  10. Where to set BIK (Benefit-In-Kind)? -(Art/Azi/P)

Leave / e-Leave

  1. How to enable E-leave module? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. How to maintain Carry Forward Leave using Excel template -(Azi/P)
  3. How to maintain Carry Forward Leave without using Excel template -(CO/Azi/P)
  4. How to check leave approval STATUS by subscriber? -(CO/Azi/P)
  5. How can employee user cancel leave application? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  6. How to deduct leave using leave entry (New UI)? -(CO/Azi/P)
  7. How to add leave credit (New UI)? -(CO/Azi/P)
  8. What is the meaning of Append Employee's Entitled Leave in Leave Entry page? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  9. What is the meaning of icon next to Select Employee at Leave Entry? -(CO/Azi/P)
  10. How to apply leave using ESS? -(CO/Azi/P)
  11. How to apply leave using mobile apps - AC Payroll? -(CO/Azi/P)
  12. What is the purpose of Gender in Leave Type Maintenance? -(CO/Azi/P)
  13. What is the function of CF column at Leave Cutoff in Leave Closing? -(Azi/P)
  14. What is the function of Encashment column at leave cutoff in Year End Process? -(Azi/P)
  15. How to set leave entitlement? -(Azi/P)
  16. How to make it compulsory to submit attachment for leave application? -(CO/Azi/P)
  17. Can an admin user help to confirm leave on behalf of Approver? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  18. How to cancel leave application by payroll user? -(CO/Azi/P)
  19. How to cancel leave application by employee? -(CO/Azi/P)
  20. Is there any expiry date for Carry Forward (CF) leave? Or any setting to set the expiry date? -(Azi/P)
  21. How to change the leave entitlement for Maternity Leave from 60 days to 98 days in Auto Count Cloud Payroll? -(CO/Azi/P)
  22. How to create new leave type- Paternity Leave in Auto Count Cloud Payroll? -(CO/Azi/P)
  23. How to create/change the leave entitlement for Paternity Leave in Auto Count Cloud Payroll? -(CO/Azi/P)
  24. How to disallow leave application when leave balance is zero -(Azi/P)
  25. How to change unpaid leave daily rate formula? -(Win/Azi/P)
  26. How to remove the parent leave setting for hospitalization leave? -(Win/Azi/P)
  27. How to submit attachment by employees after the leave has been approved? -(CO/Azi/P)
  28. How to upload attachment when using leave entry to add leave? -(CO/Azi/P)
  29. How to use advance notice days function in leave type? -(CO/Azi/P)
  30. What is the meaning of Adjust Employee's Entitled Leave in Leave Entry page? -(CO/Azi/P)
  31. How to enable leave request on public holidays or rest days -(WK/Azi/P)
  32. How to deduct leave without key in the date -(Ko/Azi/P)
  33. How to Recalculate Leave -(Art/Azi/P)
  34. What is ‘Limit’ and ‘Entitlement Calculation Method’ in ‘Leave Type’? -(WK/Azi/P)

Claim / e-Claim

  1. How to enable E-claim module? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. How to change the e-Claim type without change the Default settings? -(Azi/P)
  3. How to check claim approval STATUS by subscriber? -(Ko/Azi/P)
  4. What is the meaning of Limited in Claim Type Maintenance? -(CO/Azi/P)
  5. How to set default Payroll Type for eClaim? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  6. What is the function of Claim Cutoff page in Year End Process -(Azi/P)
  7. How to submit claim using ESS? -(CO/Azi/P)
  8. How to submit claim using mobile apps- AC Payroll (e-Claim)? -(CO/Azi/P)
  9. What is the 'small blue man' icon meaning in pending request at moble apps-AC Payroll? -(CO/Azi/P)
  10. How to set formula in claim type example for mileage? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  11. How can a Payroll User reject/cancel approved e-Claim? -(CO/Azi/P)
  12. How to set claim entitlement -(Ko/Azi/P)
  13. Why can’t edit the Claim Limit in Entitlement Group? -(Art/Azi/P)

Time Attendance

  1. How to enable Time Attendance module? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. Where to check if employee is clocking by using method Geolocation, Bluetooth or Wifi? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. How to auto calculate daily rate worker’s salary with USING time attendance excel import? -(CO/Azi/P)
  4. How to submit Overtime Request (Time Attendance) using mobile apps- AC Payroll? -(CO/Azi/P)
  5. How to submit schedule request using mobile apps ? -(CO/Azi/P)
  6. How to submit schedule request using ESS? -(CO/Azi/P)
  7. How to change assigned shift schedule? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  8. How to create shift maintenance? -(CO/Azi/P)
  9. How to create rule maintenance? -(CO/Azi/P)
  10. How to set shift schedule? -(CO/Azi/P)
  11. How to get WiFi SSID and BSSID using PC or Laptop for rule maintenance setting? -(CO/Azi/P)
  12. How to get WiFi SSID and BSSID using AC Payroll app for rule maintenance setting? -(CO/Azi/P)
  13. How to clock in using mobile apps- AC Payroll? -(CO/Azi/P)
  14. How to change clock in/out method in AC Payroll apps? -(CO/Azi/P)
  15. How to set up face recognition feature for clock in? -(CO/Azi/P)
  16. How to change past date shift schedule? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  17. How to set default rule? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  18. How to set-up Bluetooth clocking method? -(CO/Azi/P)
  19. How to submit overtime request using ESS? -(CO/Azi/P)
  20. Review Shift Maintenance & Calendar Setting -(Win/Azi/P)
  21. How to use the early out/lateness setting in rule maintenance? -(CO/Azi/P)
  22. What is the function of min/max acceptable OT hour per day in rule maintenance? -(CO/Azi/P)
  23. How to import time attendance using excel file? -(Ko/Azi/P)
  24. How to use the overtime rounding setting in rule maintenance -(CO/Azi/P)
  25. How to use the exclude OT Calculation function in rule maintenance? -(CO/Azi/P)
  26. How to view clock in / clock out location? -(WK/Azi/P)
  27. How to check the note for the employee clock in -(Ko/Azi/P)
  28. How to update facial recognition pictures. -(WK/Azi/P)
  29. How to set rest day count as overtime for rest day without assign shift schedule? -(CO/Azi/P)
  30. How to amend previous attendance clock in/out time? -(Ko/Azi/P)

Administration (User Setting / Access Right)

  1. Where to check user maintenance at new url? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. How can I remove the created user from User Maintenance -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. How to invite PAYROLL USER ? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. How to check company audit trail? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  5. How to change User Type setting? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  6. Where to get invoice and excel details in AC Cloud Payroll website? -(CO/Azi/P)


  1. How to add additional Public Holiday that is not provided by system in the calendar setting. -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. How to set a new calendar year? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. How to share a document to employees? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. How to set Default Payslip format -(Azi/P)
  5. Where to maintain company logo? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  6. Leave Calculation Method -(P)
  7. How to create new EPF rate? -(CO/Azi/P)
  8. How to set Approval Setting by Organization Chart? -(CO/Azi/P)
  9. How to set half day rest day on Saturday? -(CO/Azi/P)
  10. How to set rest day on alternate Saturdays? -(CO/Azi/P)
  11. Approval by Organization Chart: How to change employee approver? -(CO/Azi/P)
  12. How to set Approval by Department? -(CO/Azi/P)
  13. Differences between Flat Approval and Sequential Approval -(CO/Azi/P)
  14. Differences between Approval by Department and Approval by Hierarchy -(CO/Azi/P)
  15. How to auto calculate daily rate worker’s salary WITHOUT USING time attendance excel import? -(CO/Azi/P)
  16. Is the Leave Cutoff Day in the company profile setting related to Leave Cut Off Date field when process new payroll? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  17. What is the purpose of EA Assistant in Year End Process? -(CO/Azi/P)
  18. How to do Year End Process? -(Azi/P)
  19. How to set HRDF contribution rate? -(Azi/P)
  20. What is the function of commit button in Year End Process? -(CO/Azi/P)
  21. How to change employee code format? -(Azi/P)
  22. How to upload employee information using Excel import? -(CO/Azi/P)
  23. How to upload Year-to-Date payroll transaction? -(CO/Azi/P)
  24. What is the use of Overtime Request Setting in company profile? -(CO/Azi/P)
  25. Where to setup unpaid leave daily rate calculation? -(CO/Azi/P)
  26. Where to setup paid leave daily rate calculation? -(CO/Azi/P)
  27. What is the function of Leave Closing and Claim Closing? -(CO/Azi/P)
  28. How to change leave roundups? -(WK/Azi/P)
  29. How to create a project -(WK/Azi/P)
  30. How to assign a project to employee -(WK/Azi/P)
  31. What is Levy and How to setup a new type -(WK/Azi/P)
  32. How to manage notification settings -(WK/Azi/P)
  33. How to pro-rate allowance -(WK/Azi/P)
  34. Request overtime logic flow (Company Profile) -(WK/Azi/P)
  35. How to change user’s access rights -(Ko/Azi/P)
  36. How to set if commission, bonus and etc are contributing to EPF, sosco and tax -(Ko/Azi/P)
  37. How to limit certain Users only able to view certain groups of Employees? -(Art/Azi/P)


  1. Where to print EA form and where to export the CP8D text file -(CO/Azi/P)
  2. How to change the Name of Officer in EA form -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. How to design report to sort by employee name -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. How can I copy my Payroll report from one company to another company -(Azi/P)
  5. Can AutoCount Cloud Payroll print Borang E? -(Azi/P)
  6. Where can I customize or design my Payroll Reports / Payslip? -(Azi/P)
  7. Can I insert watermark onto payslip -(Azi/P)
  8. How to show main department in payroll summary report? -(CO/Azi/P)
  9. How to hide employee name in payroll summary report? -(CO/Azi/P)
  10. How to preview comparison Payroll Report for this month vs last month? -(Azi/P)
  11. How to generate EA form for resigned employees? -(Ko/Azi/P)
  12. How to design subreport in payslip -(Ais/Azi/P)
  13. How to delete subreport? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  14. How to include inactive staff in report? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  15. How to add company logo on payslip? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  16. I have few payroll processors this month, how to preview payslip separately, for example payroll and bonus? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  17. How to delete unwanted user report format in Cloud Payroll -(Kon/Azi/P)
  18. How to sort payroll summary report by branches? -(CO/Azi/P)
  19. How to design Payslip to show remark maintained during Payroll Process? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  20. Where to put note in Payslip? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  21. How to download claim attachment file in claim request report? -(CO/Azi/P)
  22. How to download main claim attachment file in claim request report? -(CO/Azi/P)
  23. How to download leave attachment file in leave details report? -(CO/Azi/P)
  24. How to preview report filtered by selected fields and shows only non-zero amount? -(Azi/P)
  25. How to export report to pdf with display Chinese wording? -(Win/Azi/P)
  26. To show duplicate apply reason in below leave report. -(Win/Azi/P)
  27. How to show duplicate claim type in claim transaction listing report? -(CO/Azi/P)
  28. How to add alternating background colour row in report -(WK/Azi/P)
  29. How to remove alternating colour lines in report -(WK/Azi/P)
  30. How to preview payroll report by department only -(WK/Azi/P)


  1. How to create loan for employee? -(CO/Azi/P)
  2. How to cancel or delete cash repayment in Loan? -(CO/Azi/P)
  3. How to suspend Loan? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. How to resume suspended Loan? -(Ais/Azi/P)


  1. What is the function of Employee List button in Health Record Transaction? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. Where to see records for Health Declaration? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. How to set Daily Health Declaration? -(Ais/Azi/P)


  1. How to set the exceeded Overtime hour transfer to allowance using fixed rate per hour? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. How to set lateness formula in deduction? -(CO/Azi/P)
  3. Formula: Use of IF ELSE on Allowance -(CO/Azi/P)
  4. Formula: How to set up formula for Baitulmal deduction? -(CO/Azi/P)
  5. Formula: How to set lateness formula using IF ELSE function in deduction? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  6. How to make Overtime rate rounding to two decimal point? -(CO/Azi/P)

API Maintenance

  1. Where to set up API Maintenance for AutoCount Accounting and Migration Tool? -(CO/Azi/P)
  2. How to create API key for Open API in AutoCount Cloud Payroll -(Win/Azi/P)
  3. How to Use AutoCount Cloud Payroll Open API? -(Win/Azi/P)


  1. How to reset Cloud Payroll password -(Azi/P)
  2. How to change profile name -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. What is the function of Feedback in AC Cloud Payroll Phone Application? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. AutoCount Cloud Payroll- Listing of supported Bank Payment Files -(CO & Winnie/P)
  5. How the system will include Absent & Unpaid Leave in payroll process -(Winnie/P)
  6. What is the difference between SOCSO Category 1 and Category 2 -(WK/Azi/P)
  7. How to set 7.5 working hours in AC Cloud Payroll? -(CO)


  1. User Guide for Payroll Posting to Cloud Accounting -(Win/Azi/P)
  2. Payroll Posting Plug-In (to OnPremise Accounting) -(Jes/Azi/P)

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