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Data Entry

  1. How to do return item with serial number in Pos system
  2. Allow to view Up To Date Cost in POS 5.0/F&B
  3. Can I do Refund for Credit Card, E-Wallet, Debit Card or Credit Sales?
  4. Reenter previous past day transaction
  5. Return vs Trade In?
  6. Void & Refund Access Right
  7. How to do item return and refund?
  8. How to update customer details of a saved receipt?
  9. How to edit promoter which was wrongly assigned?
  10. POS search options how to check it permanently?
  11. How to make transaction with an item without item code
  12. How to print Full Tax Invoice from POS System
  13. Difference between checkout for terminal and checkout for cashier
  14. How to redeem bonus point from POS5 and FNB
  15. What is New AR Payment in POS5 and FNB
  16. How to create new member at frontend
  17. How to Enter Customer Information when creating transaction
  18. How to enable preview receipt function at Frontend payment screen?
  19. How to reassign promoter for transaction that was completed?
  20. How to merge same stock item in single line instead of two lines at POS order screen?
  21. How to Batch delete POS transactions in Backend & Frontend?


  1. How to use Service Bus Sync
  2. How to perform trade in at Frontend
  3. How to perform client sync at POS Backend instead of do sync at Frontend
  4. How to Re-sync Batch Bill to HQ Server Backend again?
  5. How to Re-sync Bill to HQ Server Backend?
  6. How to edit the volume of auto synchronization transaction?
  7. How to change auto synchronization time interval?
  8. Speed Sync vs Full Sync?
  9. How to set the value limit of sync item by batch?
  10. How to add a new location in sync profile that was created in pos backend?
  11. After restored FE DB, how to sync with HQ?
  12. How to remove outlet database from POS server monitor
  13. How to resync one specific pos transaction by using SQL query command?

POS Posting

  1. POS Sales Account Posting Priority
  2. POS Credit Sales Account Posting Level Priority
  3. How to repost POS transaction
  4. How to Change Payment Posting Account?
  5. How to do batch repost transaction?
  6. How to set different terminals posting to different Account No.?
  7. How to separate payment numbers when perform pos posting?

Report Design

  1. How to Design printing label of 1 Row 3 Column
  2. How to hide 0.00 when the value is 0
  3. Add Note or Remark at receipt bottom
  4. How to Change Barcode Label from MYR to RM?
  5. How to hide Unit Price on receipt when it is 0.00?
  6. How to change POS Receipt numbering format
  7. Add promoter name for specify item on receipt
  8. Show Barcode in Stock Balance Report
  9. Show Voucher No at POS receipt


  1. How to set Topup credit in AutoCount?
  2. Send close counter report by email
  3. Set Email notification for Schedule Backup
  4. How to maintain preset remark for Cash in & Cash Out
  5. How to set different Company Profile for Frontend
  6. How to turn off Find Promoter whenever I login or completed a transaction
  7. How to preset remarks for user to select
  8. Change Backend User Interface Language
  9. How to customize POS function button?
  10. How to change quantity decimal for POS?
  11. How to set different menus for different outlets?
  12. Can I skip showing print dialog?
  13. How to assign Project No. for POS?
  14. How to set print 2 copies receipt after made payment?
  15. How to set different Option types for different Terminals?
  16. Voucher Type Maintenance
  17. Change Voucher,Debit & Ewallet ID
  18. How to set default tax for open item?
  19. How to set default to use Description 2 in POS?
  20. How to Change Frontend language?
  21. How to enable Goods In Transit (GIT)?
  22. How to setup E-wallet Maintenance?
  23. Able to register fingerprint at front-end
  24. How to turn off auto update version function?
  25. How to Enable POS Credit Control?
  26. POS How to delete unused POS Terminal?
  27. How to Trigger Auto UOM Conversion?
  28. How to set maximum discount percentage rate by user group level
  29. How to enable Debtor in frontend?
  30. How to enable Cash Drawer Notification
  31. How to setup E-wallet type that AutoCount does not integrate with?
  32. How to turn off customer information when making payment
  33. How to change POS 5 Terminal Location?
  34. How to make POS system exclusive of TAX
  35. Can i fixed a certain points for item redemption at frontend?
  36. How to set "Promoter selection” to be auto-prompted after scanning an item
  37. How to Enable Scale Barcode in POS5 or FnB
  38. How to check AutoCount POS5 & FNB Version
  39. How to setup HQ database connection
  40. How to clear POS Transaction
  41. How to Set Access right for Trade in and Return
  42. Exclude Item code sync for Terminal
  43. Export Data to Outlet POS / F&B
  44. How to set 18 digit weighing scale barcode
  45. How to set default Promoter ID
  46. Change Member No Format in POS5 BACKEND
  47. Enable MyKad Reader
  48. How to add UDF
  49. How to change terminal outlet location at Terminal Maintenance if the outlet field is disabled?
  50. How to set UOM Rate less than 1 (0.1,0.2,…)?
  51. Can I add additional picture for member
  52. How to make Fast Selection Menu with multiple levels?
  53. How to configure a promotion menu that only appears at certain time period like (Happy Hour)?
  54. How to configure multiple images looping in second customer display?
  55. How to restrict Print X Report
  56. How to enable Backorder Control?
  57. Hide fast select menu price from terminal
  58. How to enable Malaysia Tax?
  59. How to enforce Password to open cash drawer even the user has access right?

Promotion/Price Plan

  1. How to identify promotion priority control?
  2. How to create promotion only for member/debtor?
  3. Different between Birthday and Birthday Month in promotion maintenance
  4. How to set a promotion of a free gift when total purchase reached RM500?
  5. Price Level Priority
  6. How to enable last selling price?
  7. How to set Multi Prices for Different Outlets & Members Level?
  8. How to set different item selling price for only specific member without change price on stock item maintenance
  9. How to set price for 2 different locations using multi price?
  10. How to change default multi pricing for POS?
  11. How to batch delete Price Plan Maintenance record?


  1. How to attach Database file from Accounting or POS Backend
  2. How to set windows firewall exception for sql port?
  3. How to configure dynamic and static sql port number?
  4. How to convert an open item to a fixed itemcode item?
  5. What is a Price Checker?
  6. How to Migrate POS 3 Transactions to POS 5/F&B Database?
  7. How to insert POS&FNB FE license
  8. How to insert POS5 Backend License
  9. How to Install POS Integration?
  10. How is margin percentage calculated at POS Profit Margin Report
  11. How to install Mall Integration Plugin?
  12. How to import voucher no to Pos Backend?
  13. POS How to export weighing scale data?
  14. POS How to check Microsoft SQL instance port number?
  15. How to create new database for POS/F&B system with existing database attached
  16. How to reset stock balance to 0?
  17. POS A vs POS B vs POS Branch?
  18. How to do Backup at Front End?
  19. How to restore Frontend database on existing PC with POS
  20. How to configure POS B attach POS A database
  21. What is Clerk Menu? How to login?
  22. How to print barcode from a list of items?
  23. How to configure pole display for frontend
  24. How to view stock balance from outlet to outlet
  25. Excel Import Templates
  26. How to reset sub user password for eDashboard?
  27. Revenue Credit Card Terminal unable to be detected when perform credit card payment?
  28. How to set Window task scheduler if system default doesn’t start my sync services
  29. Login Frontend prompt error Class not Registered
  30. How to setup android price checker
  31. How to resubmit Mall / Pos Integration sale amount
  32. Play youtube video in terminal
  33. How to adjust the value of tasks to process in Sync Profile?
  34. How to set auto restart services when detected sync monitor service is stopped?
  35. How to add & remove Item in Item Package
  36. How to add unit price column at second customer display?
  37. How to set alternative windows IP address?
  38. How to link Credit Card Terminal (A920) to POS
  39. How to Turn on 2nd Display (LCD Customer Screen)
  40. Receive sync error msg through Email Address
  41. How to check my Dongle/USB key number
  42. How to re-assign a missing pos transaction custom payment type?
  43. How to Batch Print POS Transaction?
  44. Migrate Hold Bill to POS5
  45. How to calculate Inclusive Tax & Service Charges?
  46. How to Re-sync Batch Cash In and Cash Out Records?
  47. How to set default costing method for new Item in 2.1/5.1?
  48. How to update/insert POS & FnB FE USB Key license?

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