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  1. Unable to key in decimal places for bonus point payment
  2. Unable to delete commission from commission maintenance
  3. Cash computation missing some bank notes amount
  4. Item Price does not follow member price plan
  5. Enable minimum selling price issue
  6. Missing POS Posting tab under Location Maintenance
  7. POS Sales are not shown in Price History Settings
  8. There is no data for PosCashSeries table. You must go to pos option to maintain PosCashSeries table.
  9. "Please configure HQ Database information first." prompted when click on Remote HQ Function
  10. Why is my credit card type is blank even though i have maintained credit card type
  11. Duplicate Cash Book Entry No during pos posting
  12. Promotion item cannot change unit price
  13. "No report found." When I preview report in POS
  14. Different Outstanding Document Numbering When Create AR Payment in POS
  15. Pos posting error - Line 2: Invalid Account No
  16. Can’t Override Discount Limit
  17. Cash Payment Method is not set
  18. Line Printed, cannot set discount on this line
  19. Inquiry POS report error Value was either too large or too small for lnt32
  20. POS Backend options are not be set
  21. After migrated from POS 3 to POS 5, POS options does not work

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