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Data Entry

  1. No Show Unit Price Column at Purchase
  2. Outlet stock item list is not same
  3. When I scan item the system goes directly to payment
  4. Credit Sales Payment Error
  5. Error with duplicated Barcode or Alternate Code
  6. Frontend Backorder Control Not Functioning
  7. Decimal is not showing 2 when i have set it 2
  8. Check Stock Level Show Nothing
  9. Return quantity more than sell quantity
  10. Close Counter Report Amount not same with other report
  11. Microsoft .NET Framework error after made payment
  12. Debtor not follow Debtor's price
  13. Only can Void Today Transaction
  14. Stock Transfer - No report found
  15. Service type status not shown when order item
  16. Duplicate Barcode for itemcode
  17. Line Printed, cannot set discount on this line
  18. Can’t Override Discount Limit
  19. Cash Payment Method is not set
  20. Promotion item cannot change unit price
  21. Why is my credit card type is blank even though i have maintained credit card type
  22. Item Price does not follow member price plan
  23. Unable to key in decimal places for bonus point payment
  24. Why can’t I select new member type at POS Front End even though I have added new member type at POS Back End
  25. Why user can make payment by point payment even though transaction amount is more than available point?
  26. Item able to sell below min selling price after discount
  27. Item code not found but F1 search is there
  28. Rounding display at FE issue
  29. E-Wallet payment Error Code: Payment not allowed?
  30. Refund with vouchers prompt warning
  31. Cash In & Cash out error
  32. Scan item code will prompt key in price even though auto prompt is inactive?
  33. Point Payment issue
  34. How to enable feature of return earned point when return item?
  35. Pos Frontend Why keep charging SST6 even I have specified each item its own tax code?
  36. Hotkey or Syntax Formula on enter Barcode


  1. Version not match issue during sync
  2. POS Client Notifier still show error message even though service status shows running?
  3. When perform synchronization, system will show error message "Column 'Modifier' not belongs to posdtl"?
  4. Show services has been marked for deletion
  5. Service Bus Issue
  6. Could not locate new location from frontend
  7. Unexpected character encountered while parsing value
  8. Sync Issue - Sync Port put wrong
  9. When click on Configure Terminal, an error is prompted
  10. Sync Error - Cannot set column ‘ItemGroup’. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column
  11. The Password did not match
  12. Error message when reset terminal pc at POS Server Monitor?
  13. Sync Error because the ‘PRIMARY’ filegroup is full
  14. Sync Error 'PaymentAmt Outstanding in docno'
  15. When sync stuck at sync member and error message occurred (... No type was found that matches the controller named “GetMemberCount”
  16. Why I unable to see updated transaction even though sync is successful?
  17. Why POS Server Monitor Sync Profile services keep stopped?
  18. Sync Error POS Session
  19. Sync stuck at Report and then prompt out primary key error
  20. Synchronizer Error: HQ POS Sync Product ID (Unregistered)…
  21. Sync Issue POS Terminal Member Type
  22. Sync Error Message status still showing error even though all my pos transaction had been updated to HQ Server?
  23. Unable to select terminal id after assigned location
  24. Sync error Debtor Address Maxlength limit
  25. Sync error POSCashRecord Session
  26. Sync error PosEventLog UserID
  27. Sync error column Description hit MaxLength limit
  28. Sync error PosEventLog TerminalID
  29. When perform sync, system keeps prompt up: POSPayment record not found
  30. Sync Error Array dimensions exceeded supported range
  31. Sync keep prompting PosPayment record not found?
  32. Sync error PosDocNoFormat TerminalID
  33. Sync error PosStaffAttendance UserID
  34. Sync error Primary Key Error (UOM Conversion)
  35. After add New Fiscal Year, Why Synchronizer Error?
  36. Cant sync back PosPayment VCType

POS Posting

  1. POS Posting Error – ‘Deposit Acc is not set’
  2. POS Posting Error – ‘Duplicate Journal Entry No’
  3. Why is my Sale Account not showing POS Sales Amount
  4. Line 1 Invalid Account No, Posting Error
  5. After deleted POS Posting inquiry shows no records?
  6. Posting Error - ARInvoice AccNo is empty
  7. Nothing come out when I click on New Posting at POS Posting
  8. Pos posting error - Line 2: Invalid Account No
  9. Duplicate Cash Book Entry No during pos posting
  10. Missing POS Posting tab under Location Maintenance
  11. Point Payment Method is not set
  12. Delete POS Posting error DB concurrency violation
  13. For POS posting, why is credit card bank charges account code different from what I have assigned?
  14. Posting Error TaxBrNo
  15. Posting Error - PaymentMethod, CBDate, PaymentNo,InclusiveTax, TaxDocNo
  16. Posting Separate Number not works
  17. Posting error show accrual and payment basis tax code issue
  18. Pos Posting Error - Duplicate Posting Number
  19. When perform POS posting it shows multiple sales accounts instead of one combined sales account?
  20. I clicked on Cash Button at POS AR Payment, but the payment method shows bank account instead of cash account?

Login Failed

  1. Pos Login Failed - plugin issue
  2. Login Failed sa password
  3. Login POS Frontend system Show Failed, incorrect password
  4. Could not Login to POS Backend with Error fail to connect AutoCount Server Service
  5. Could not login POS Frontend
  6. Open POS, F&B error, dotNet Issue
  7. POS BACKEND open error
  8. Error when launching Backend
  9. Why does system keep prompt to create database whenever I launch the Backend?


  1. When click on Hardware Info, system will pop up error message “Unhandled exception has occurred in your application”
  2. When click on License Control, system will pop up error message “ System.TypeInitializationException…”
  3. When configure Front End terminal, system will pop up error message “The type initiaiizer for ‘AutoCount.POS.SecurityUtils…”
  4. When active License get error of Hardware Session ID not match
  5. License Control Error System.IO.IOExeption
  6. License Status become Stale State how to fix?
  7. Activate Pos Backend Error using dongle
  8. Sync monitor profile services unable to start
  9. Auto Sync Notifier unable to start
  10. Error: System found don’t have POS Item Batch module
  11. Import Itemcode Error - Multi UOM
  12. Login to POS Backend with Error Fail to connect AutoCount Server Service
  13. Register License prompted Same device can only maintain 1 temp product ID
  14. Unable register account book at Autocount server
  15. Could not insert license to Frontend POS/FnB?


  1. Error when save Design Fast Selection Menu Details
  2. Why is Menu Button rolled back to default sequence?
  3. Why is my promotion item not working when sell quantity is less than 1?
  4. Why is the selling price markup % not automatically calculated?
  5. Change Credit Card ID prompt error
  6. When change Item Group, item Price also changed?
  7. Delete Location Error
  8. Unable to find POS Option Maintenance at POS Backend after updated to new version
  9. Price did not update
  10. Authorize code prompts
  11. Column reset every time open POS
  12. New member type missing even after full sync
  13. Promotion Maintenance show duplicate item when save
  14. Custom Payment Method Missing
  15. Remote HQ failed to login
  16. Can't View Picture in Fast selection Menu
  17. Error message prompted during Cash Computation
  18. Configuration setting error message
  19. Purge POS Transaction shows no data
  20. After migrated from POS 3 to POS 5, POS options does not work
  21. POS Backend options are not be set
  22. Different Outstanding Document Numbering When Create AR Payment in POS
  23. "Please configure HQ Database information first." prompted when click on Remote HQ Function
  24. There is no data for PosCashSeries table. You must go to pos option to maintain PosCashSeries table.
  25. POS Sales are not shown in Price History Settings
  26. Enable minimum selling price issue
  27. Cash computation missing some bank notes amount
  28. Unable to delete commission from commission maintenance
  29. Why is the system rounding up decimal point value at point payment even though bonus point adjustment rounding method is disabled
  30. Menu design did not load items related to Group/Type
  31. Why I had set company details in company profile, but for Cash In & Out slip still showing other company details?
  32. Why system still allow to pass exceed maximum discount limit even though I had set the maximum discount for user group
  33. When select Member the item price is changed?
  34. Why promotion item discount is not working when purchase quantity is less than 1?
  35. Edit POS transaction from Backend
  36. Stock Item Maintenance only show 1 location up to date cost
  37. Disable Earn Bonus point for promotion item
  38. Ewallet payment error
  39. Unable to change location code
  40. Item Batch did not show item batch no
  41. Stock Adjustment location issue
  42. Internet User login Error
  43. Unable to change Promoter ID
  44. Why can’t members trigger promotion price?
  45. Enter Password Open Cash Drawer
  46. Failed to Send Test Email for Gmail SMTP server in Pos Terminal settings?
  47. Error when click ‘+’ for new Member No.


  1. Inquiry POS report error Value was either too large or too small for lnt32
  2. Some of sales items are missing when view POS Sales Report
  3. Item numbering not appeared in Receipt
  4. Multi filters option causes some items not displayed
  5. Price decimal in barcode sticker
  6. "No report found." When I preview report in POS
  7. Promoter Sales Analysis Report: Promoter ID shown in wrong outlet
  8. When preview daily sales report for November, some transaction amount fall on 31st November?
  9. Stock Balance Qty is 0 but it still has Cost Value?
  10. Why is the amount in Ledger Sales Account not the same as POS Posting payment
  11. Why is the final total in Pos Transaction Viewer not the same as Daily Sales Report?
  12. Report design does not contain company info


  1. Printer Unable to Print Summary Counter Receipt
  2. Export Price to Weighting Scale = Weight Class
  3. Why can’t I turn on Hamachi VPN?
  4. I have already set photo and video link for LCD Customer Display screen but still not showing?
  5. Reprint receipt always printed from other printer?
  6. Creating New Receipt & Payment Voucher is very slow?
  7. Import data in Bonus Point Adjustment Error
  8. Stock Item Listing Qty does not match with other stock reports
  9. Sales submission error
  10. Application error during eDashBoard registration
  11. Migrate database to POS 5/F&B error 'Invalid database...'
  12. Error 1001 on re-installation
  13. Why is my eDashboard transaction sync status keep show pending
  14. Why is there a Decimal value after Auto UOM Conversion
  15. SQL services unable to start
  16. Autocount Server services unable to start due to default port 19500 has been used by other program?
  17. Receipt shows abnormal contents
  18. Script password during upgrade 1.9 to 5.0
  19. When connected to android price checker, system shows network error message
  20. When connected to android price checker, system shows timeout error message
  21. eDashBoard login screen error ‘The login isn’t the user of the Database’
  22. POS Second Display could not play video link
  23. When print receipt, system prompt “Access to the printer is denied.”
  24. Printer print receipt issue
  25. POS installation error
  26. Why does system still prompt (Please enter amount) even though I have enter a valid voucher?
  27. Upgrade 5.0 to 5.1 posterminalplugin error message
  28. Login License error Value cannot be null
  29. Backend eDashboard login error
  30. Sync Error - System Out Of Memory Exception
  31. License Control Error - Processor and Ram Missing
  32. Pos integration - The remote server returned an error
  33. Edashboard login issue
  34. Install SQL server failed, and database engine failed to start?
  35. Second Display Unable to play video
  36. When run POS Sync Monitor program, system will pop up error message
  37. Item not calculate SST amount
  38. 1st time setup EDashBoard but transaction does not sync?
  39. Restore Conf. Setting button
  40. Error launch SQL Configuration Manager Invalid Class 0x80041010
  41. Why is cash drawer ejected when print order slip or hold bill?
  42. Insert license error Product ID is used by dongle
  43. Login or Logout EDashBoard error Not found
  44. POS5/FNB window resolution issue

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